May updates & Book hints

As you noticed, there have been some changes. Namely:

-the website is back up again (yay)

-I’ve redone the services page, though I am still tweaking it because I think you guys deserve something more

-I’m progressively adding all the other things that were there before, including a revamped, awesome bio

-on another note, I have a pile of blog posts to republish, with some new ones too, and this is happening in the next few days.

So. We are back on track, it seems. For those of you who are new to the website and blog, I apologize for the minimalistic feel (i.e. where is all the stuff?).

Tip: when you have to stop, take time to explore your surroundings

I could have just redone the whole thing like it was before. Instead, I’ve decided to take a few days more to rethink my website and what I wanted to do with it. See, there are many things that I want to accomplish with The Busy Muse, but the main goal is to help self-published authors in particular (and writers in general – you are ALL welcome, always!). I want to provide useful content to you guys, from writing to editing, from dealing with social media to using it for research, and so much more. Some things were ok, but not exactly what I wanted. Therefore, I took the chance of having to do it all again to, well, do it all again, but better (I hope).

Think of it as a 2.0 version of The Busy Muse (we can build it better, faster, stronger) – also, I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. If you guys would like to see some particular feature or a particular topic dealt in my blog, tell me! You can contact me at and I will respond ASAP 🙂

Fiction Writing

My WIP is waiting for the first round of edits. I wrote the first draft during April Camp Nanowrimo, so there is a lot missing and a lot of stuff that needs to be trimmed, but I am overall happy with the story itself. Or the somewhat caper-looking thing underneath all the false starts and the random cool things I decided to throw in because, well, they were cool. Let me tell you, writing the first draft can be so much fun, if you are prepared to axe what doesn’t work later.

I quite like this one, but I am also brainstorming others – I am finalising my publishing schedule for this year (and beyond, a bit) during these weeks, so I am happy with the plethora of ideas I have ready to go!

That’s it for today. How’s your writing going? What have you been struggling with in the past couple of weeks? Let me know in the comments, or send me an email at !

To all of you, a huge, warm thank you, whether you are interested in the book or not – thank you for reading my blog, for happening on my website, for browsing my services. But most importantly:

thank you for writing. No matter the genre, the style, the topic.

Thank you for writing.

Obstacles may happen on our paths. Let’s use them to take a quick check up on our progress, and move on forward.

Have a lovely May.

We have hit a snag

Sometimes it happens.

You boot up your draft (the one you’ve been working on for days, months, years) and it doesn’t work. It’s not there, it’s corrupted, the cat ate it.

Sort of what has happened here at The Busy Muse (and actually, at two other websites I run). I am working to reboot all the posts and everything else I had on the website, but it’s going to take a couple of days. I do apologize for this – please come back soon and all should be well again.

In the meantime, I remain open for business: I was to redo my Services pages to add current rates and new options to help you guys, but now I have to redo… everything (ah-ah).

Just as a quick intro, I will be doing proofreading and translating of your fiction (or social media posts), as well as providing social media assistance and general VA duties.

Stay tuned for all the details and in the meantime, I hope you have a lovely May!